The “Hair-story”

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. The dawning of peace, love and reckless rebellion.  The dawning of self-discovery and boundary-breaking musicals. This is the dawning of the 11th Hour season-opening Next Step Concert “Hair.”

Hair is America’s first Broadway Tribal-Rock musical to hit the stage April 29, 1968. Hair is the story of young New York flower children who come together to form a Tribe. Flower children, students, activists, draft resisters and hippies are often most famously associated with the protests of the Vietnam War in the 1960s. Hair is the musical culmination of that movement and that period of time. Much like the reality of the USA in the 1960s, the Hair Tribe questions authority and the society that they live in.

Hair is also unique in that every member of the cast and the Tribe really fill out the complete story. You are able to follow along with Tribe leader Berger or Claude who is preparing to be drafted into the war, but the real story of Hair relies heavily on interactions and vocals from the entire cast. Hair explores issues of identity, community, and global responsibility, HAIR remains as relevant today as it ever was and illustrates that by speaking out for what you believe, you truly can change the world.

We won’t give you any spoilers of how the story ends, and what people choose to do, but we will say that everything isn’t as it seems. From the classic hits such as “Let the Sunshine” and “Aquarius,” this musical transcends the age of the 60’s and remains as relevant as ever. We hope you will join our Tribe as we begin our 2017-2018 season!

October 13-15 2017 join 11th Hour Theatre Company for our Next Step Concert Series production of Hair