Make 11th Hour your AmazonSmile Recipient


By making 11th Hour Theatre Company your AmazonSmile recipient, we receive a small donation with each eligible purchase and absolutely no extra cost to you. Below we will show you the quick and easy process to set up your accounts.

Begin by visiting

If you are not signed into your amazon account it should take you to the login screen below.

On this screen it will as you to pick your own charitable organization. In that box you want to type 11th Hour Theatre Company. An example of what your screen should look like is below.

After selecting search you will be directed to a screen where 11th Hour Theatre Company Philadelphia PA should populate. An image of what your screen should look like is below.

Press the yellow select that appears on the right hand side adjacent to 11th Hour Theatre Company. And you should be redirected to another screen below to verify your selection.


Check the box so that it looks like the above image and then select start shopping. You should then be directed to the usual Amazon site where you can begin shopping and supporting 11th Hour!

If you have any questions about the process please feel free to contact our box office at 267-987-9865.